During the Coronavirus outbreak I am providing coaching sessions by Skype or Zoom video, rather than face-to-face.  These work well, provided you have access to some quiet space without interruption and reasonably decent broadband and wifi connections.  If your company uses something else such as MS Teams or Webex these are possible too.


Coaching helps you to clarify your vision, focus on what's blocking progress, identify how you might move forward and then enable you to plan


Dare to dream.  Coaching can help you to clarify where you want to be, whether it's for your business, yourself, your product, services or people.

Plan your route

Sometimes knowing how to get somewhere is hard, especially when we're overloaded or too close to the situation.  Thinking it through with someone who can ask the right questions can be invaluable.  That's where coaching comes in.

Beat your blocks

It's not always plain sailing getting to your goal, even if you have a plan.  Sometimes other people, organisations, clients, or you, will get in your way of achieving those goals!  It can help to talk to someone to help figure out what's getting in the way and make a plan to overcome it.

My coaching approach is to enable you to do your 'best thinking'. I help you think about the goals in your professional and personal life in such a way that you feel drawn towards them rather than being pushed. Working together, we can create a deeper understanding of the challenges you face in achieving those goals and how you can address them.  But still be true to yourself and your values. In other words, enabling you to work smart by making the changes that provide maximum effect.

While exploring the actions you need to take, I will help you to examine the broader picture.  We'll take in the people around you, the organisational issues and how you will engage others to assist you.

I believe that we all have the potential to grow but sometimes get ‘stuck’.  This can be because we are too close to the issue, or because our emotional attachment prevents us thinking as clearly as we can. My training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you understand the source of that stuckness and provide ways forward that are sustainable.

Sometimes we need to see where we are, take stock, plan for the journey or be grateful for the moment... sometimes we need the tools to steer through the rapids... and sometimes we need to remember what's beyond the rapids


I provide executive coaching, business coaching, team coaching and leadership development. I am a passionate advocate for the power of coaching to help individuals to develop themselves and find ways of moving themselves and their business forward. Everyone can benefit. I follow the International Coach Federation code of ethics.

About me

I have coached managers, board members and executives for over 15 years, following senior management roles in Learning and Development with Ernst & Young and the BBC.  I have worked with all levels of staff including Partners, Managing Directors, and Senior Managers through to graduate entrants.  In that time, I’ve experienced working in a range of cultures including the far east, middle east, eastern and western Europe and the USA.  I have worked with clients in media, banking and finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, professional services, higher education, the health service, local and national government.

I have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching and am credentialed with the International Coach Federation, the gold standard for coaches, as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).  I am accredited in a number of psychometric and team effectiveness tools and coach teams to develop a greater sense of awareness of your preferences.

I also run a successful therapy practice for private clients, using CBT and hypnotherapy to help individuals deal with a range of issues including overcoming anxiety, managing stress and building resilience, and dealing with fears, phobias and unhelpful habits.


Colin Jones-Evans ACC

Colin Jones-Evans


I've worked with clients in public and private sector, entrepreneurs, directors, managers, executives and graduates on their way up. Here's what some of them have to say about me and my coaching


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Think coaching can help? If you'd be interested to explore what coaching could do for you, your team or your business please get in touch.  Call me on the numbers below, or drop me an email using the contact form.


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